Pure, Per Se and Natural Monopolies pt 1

Sir Shannon Scott Williams
January 24th, 2010
Unit 3: Discussion Board

Pure, Per Se and Natural Monopolies

            Importing and exporting are common in today’s world, well for the world which involves trade between two or more nations.  Some agree that a nation should focus on importing where as another side supports exporting.  Between the two for the fashion industry, business varies by the sole opinion of the each individual consumer.

            Let us begin with importing, goods and services purchased from other countries, (Krugan, Wells, 2009, p. 196).  A good example of an imported clothing company is Jayli Imports, which is a company that specializes in “Bohemian style hippie wear”, (Jayli.com).  The current best selling product for Jayli, is the Long Halter Pumpkin Dress.    
Next, exporting, goods and services sold to other countries, (Krugan, Wells, 2009, p. 196).  The perfect example is Carhartt “100% made in the USA since 1889”, (Carhartt.com).  My favorite product is the 8” Logger/Linemen Boot.

            After reviewing importing/exporting between Jayli and Carhartt, I see that most imported products from Jayli are less durable compared to Carhartt products.  Jayli may be designed for fashion purposes; where as Carhartt’s products are designed for hard-working purposes.  However, I know many people in Georgia that wear Carthartt clothing just for fashion reasons.  Nevertheless, if one is to buy an imported durable product, it’s likely that it will be more expensive versus a durable exported product.  For example, on my honeymoon vacation, my wife and I went shopping in Stockholm, Sweden.  While shopping, I came across a several pairs of Chuck Taylor’s Converse Sneakers.  Domestically in the USA, the average prices for these are around $40.  However in Sweden, they sold for more than $120, the most expensive shoe in the store.  Another situation is when I was also browsing Armani clothing.  In Sweden it is fairly reasonable, however in the USA, Armani can be very expensive.

            In my point of view, I prefer quality.  If I am to purchase a product, price is next in line for my criteria.  So when I look for a product, imported/exported may have the same quality but if one is more expensive just because it is imported, then I would rather purchase the domestic product because it’s cheaper.  In addition, I would rather purchase a domestic product to support the national employment, than seeing many fellow Americans without jobs.  Products of the fashion industry produced in the USA, help supply job for those who live there.


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