Organization Impact of E-Business

Organization Impact of E-Business

Online security seems to become a good industry to get involved with since there always has been a demand for online criminal activity.  Companies are concerned with their privacy just the same as they are to protect their customers privacy.  Unfortunately, hackers, crackers, and other offenders are always developing new ways to bypass security measures and do whatever their means.  After reading this report, readers will understand the very importance of online security regardless how big a business is.  In addition, readers will consider the basics to improve their e-business security from unwanted invaders.

            The purpose of enforcing security is kind of like playing to win the lottery.  The more numbers you pay to chose, the more odds you have for winning.  For security, the more security you enforce the less likely a problem will occur.  Security should always be considered especially if it puts customers at risk.  If a company is small then less security should be imposed.  On the contrary, if a business is large then more security should be added.  More specifically, the types of security vary from each industry.  For example a bank website may have several levels of firewalls to block numerous attacks from intruders; where as a flower shop website may settle for HTTPS encryption for its customers.  Nevertheless, security is an important risk assessment to take into thought due to rising identity fraud offenses and also hackers simply toying with a company’s personal property.  In addition, despite how insecure internet security can be, most governments also use strict levels of internet security.  This brings the topic to family’s food e-business and why security is important to think about.
            The family business has been running successful for many generations as far back as when the forefathers simply farming and providing to the community.  The company has come a long way from a small farm, now providing to the entire North American continent with food commodities such as wheat, sugar, and corn.  Currently, everything is technology and each order from a customer has to be processed online due to the company being so large.  Moreover, the company must offer market prices for each commodity so these prices have to be updated on a daily basis. 
            Lately, within the family there has been a debate on expenses for internet security which is currently being used.  One brother argues that internet security is irrelevant and the company possesses no risk.  Another brother favors security because it protects the company and its customer’s private information.  Although the brother opposing online security feels that there is no threat, the other brother favoring online security has suggested some reasons and tools to how and why internet security should be enforced.  These tools help protect from hackers, crackers, and viruses affecting the system and the customers private and/or financial information.  If any data is compromised, then the company has the risks to lose many customers.  Lack of security also affects the company’s servers, which many employees use to complete their work.  Another problem is most of the company’s financial information is stored on the server.  By not having a firewall to protect it, invaders have the ability to obtain this information at any time.  More importantly, if an invader compromises the server, this opens the ability to change any of the company’s private data at will.  For example, the going market price for a bundle of wheat is $100 and a highly respectable client orders 10,000 bundles of wheat.  If the main server is left vulnerable due to lack of security, then invaders have the ability to change the price to $25 per bundle of wheat.  Examples such as that put the company at risk from losing profits and the relationships to each customer.  Even email poses a risk for internet security, which is why the company will need subscriptions to the leading anti-virus programs to prevent from malware, worms, and viruses that can harm the entire network.

Security Tools:
·         HTTPS
·         Firewalls
·         Anti-Virus Programs

            Since our customers sign in on the website under a HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) with SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption, this safely keeps intruders from stealing their login information by the “server establishing a unique certificate” with the customer (, 2011).  HTTPS is standard when customers make online purchases.
            Firewalls “deny or accept all messages and sites based on a list that is stored in the system” (Warrier, 2002).  Since the network is connected to the internet, this helps prevent outside and unwanted communications from other networks.  In other words, this helps our network avoid being attacked from an outside network.
            Anti-Virus Programs will be needed in case an actual virus is placed in the system.  It is possible that our very employees can accidently place a virus into the system simply by opening an infected document from their email and “multiple avenues of attacks can be employed through emails” (SANS, 2011).  As soon as the anti-virus detects the problem, it automatically corrects it.
            If the case of the tools is not being used on our current network, the company will risk major losses in customers and profits.  However, if these tools are implemented and sustained, it will greatly reduce the risk of errors to security.  Although the internet will never be fully secure due to offenders continuing their efforts to attack this and other networks, this shouldn’t intimidate the company.  Profits are obtainable through the online business, as long as the proper security is placed.  Granted, the very trade secret the company has mastered from the very first generation is sensitive to attackers.  Thus, neglecting support for online security puts the entire company at risk.
            In conclusion, security is now and will continue to be in the future a great importance and asset to e-businesses.  As many risks there are involved, to not enforce internet security to an e-commerce business is too great to put on the company.  Although online security may get expensive, the investment is worth taking.  Depending on what type a business, online security should be administered thoughtfully.  Internally, to prevent employee’s from accidently downloading viruses, and externally through the servers connecting to the internet to prevent unwanted intruders.


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