Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5?

            Innovation is define by a product of means to which it introduces a breakthrough in performance, quality, price, and general purpose.  Depending on the industry, innovation may be common, or may be very rare to see such products.  In regards to the technology industry, with a focus on mobile technology, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the most famous and the most innovative phone for the worldwide consumer market in current times.  Before details on the S3 are provided, let us see how and why Samsung has been able to produce such innovative technology, that can threaten other markets in the desktop and laptop areas. 
            It began with the Samsung Galaxy S, which was a smart phone provided by most major carriers.  Although at the time, the Galaxy S performance wasn't better than the Apple iPhone 4, yet it succeeded the iPhone 3 and 3G.  The first Galaxy S performance was similar to the iPhone 4 (, 2012), however with the success of the Apple iPhone 3G,  many consumers stayed loyal as an Apple consumer with 75 million units sold worldwide (Kumparak, 2010), compared to the Galaxy S at 30 million, (Albanesius, 2011).  Not to forget, Blackberries line of smartphones.  However with the lacked development to mobile apps. (applications for short, and often a common term), Blackberry's sales have been lost to the Apple market and Android (Google Play in current times).
            As Samsung uped their competition to the Galaxy S2, as did Apple with the iPhone 4S, the comparisons between the two, gave the Galaxy S2 almost a 50% higher advantage, (  Now with the Galaxy S3 out on the market, this phone is tremendously outperforming the Apple iPhone 4S, (, 2012).  Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5, but no set date has yet to be released.  With Samsung Galaxy series, there is little doubt that this company will abandon this product for quite some time.  Their continuing to upgrade and develop new technology will bring in no doubt bring more innovative products to consumers.
            The only downfall to technology is how quickly new and more advanced technology is updated within a year's time.  If Apple decides to release the iPhone 5, this could threaten sales potentials for the Galaxy S3.  Many predict these two companies to be rivals in the mobile technology industry, as each fluctuates in leading sales, but this is not uncommon in the technology sector.  Moreover, as the smartphone are becoming more and more powerful, with new technology almost every year, this could also threaten the laptop and desktop industries, since these smartphone are becoming more like mobile computers rather than a phone.

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