Education as in e-Commerce?

Sir Shannon Scott Williams
April 22nd, 2011
Unit 5: Discussion Board

The International University of Japan (IUJ) is an educational facility based in Japan.  IUJ mission is to “train candidates to contribute a practical resolution for global problems in various countries and regions of the world, as well as organizations including governments and companies” (IUJ, 2011).  Students may chose from an international relations program or focus on international business management.  Here students will learn the importances of international business lifestyles as well as experience different customs from other countries.  Graduates are most likely to work in an industry where international business is conducted.  Some graduates may work for governments facing international business issues.

As this e-business was developed, it is clear that the university wanted to inform the world as effective as possible.  Since the campus was founded in 1982, internet use was probably close to nonexistent.  However, as the internet became more popular over the years, this becomes a great advantage for IUJ to attract more students.  The website gives an ideal perspective to what an actual campus would consist of.  A campus directory is provided, media relations to inform the public on current events, career support which has a feature to guide students career path.  In addition, if students have unanswered questions, contact comes in a variety of options to answer questions.
When searching for international businesses in Japan, IUJ was nearly at the top of the list and their use in advertising appears to be quite efficient.  The design of the website is very professional and bilateral for both English and Japanese versions.  Although security is openly insecure, the setup has no need for viewers to create accounts and sign in to view content.  It is very possible that IUJ has sufficient internal security to protect from unwanted intruders.  IUJ has upper management, faculty, and staff to make both the e-business and actual business complete.

Typical market influences are those interesting in obtaining an education abroad, primarily focused on Japan oriented companies.  IUJ offers many incentives for students to become interested in the international business world.  As a promotion to talented students whose grades are higher than average, IUJ offers a scholarship program to help students for their extra efforts in their education.  Financial aid is also an option.  For students studying from other countries, they have an option to stay in the dormitory for their room and board.  Also, there is a message board provided by the students and alumni regarding their education experience and current life which IUJ provided.

In conclusion, not all e-businesses are targeted specifically for the internet, or solely for the purpose to sell products online.  Some companies, just like IUJ, are located in other countries and create websites to increase their potential to attract customers.  In the case for IUJ, this company is located in Japan; however its purpose is to not only attract domestic customers, but also international customers.

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