Electronic Marketing Resources

Electronic Marketing Resources

The purpose of this report is for the reader to understand that technology is a necessity to nearly all aspects in modern day businesses to compete with others.   Internally, technology is used to provide faster and cost efficient services to deliver the needs to the consumer.  Externally, technology is offered for better response from the customer.  Considering that technology evolves, competitors must evolve along with it to stay ahead of the competition.  After reading this, readers will learn a simple process for business to business technology (B2B) and business to consumer technology (B2C) and how it’s implemented into the environment.

            The food industry has come a long way from the traditions of placing an order and paying with cash.  Now days, its common that customers have options to pay with credit/debit cards, or gift cards, to almost every restaurant they eat at.  Moreover, restaurants have several technologies to better serve their customers with touch-screen LCD cash registers, wireless headsets to take orders, and for a luxury, some even offer free wireless internet.  As an example, a new pastry company has been quite successful among its competitors, consider there is limited technology used within the building (phone, computer, cash register).  The owners are now looking to invest towards better technology.  These technologies are likely to increase profits due to offering more productive and cost-efficient strategies they now lack.
            Currently, the pastry company is using a push button cash register, with external credit/debit card dial-up modem to checkout customers.  The owners are looking to invest in a new technology for LCD touch-screen cash registers with internal credit/debit card cable modem.  This new piece of equipment is pricy, however 100 times faster by comparison to the dial-up modem.  The reason why owners are so interested is during “rush hour” service times, the dial-up modem is so slow that some customers often walkout.   Another technology owners are interested in, is offering free wireless internet services because most of their competitors offer the same services.  Between these B2C (Business to Consumer) technologies, they have the potential to increase customer interest for this pastry company.  Although costly at first, profits are obtainable.
            Aside from customers being able to pay faster or enjoying the internet while eating their pastries, owners are looking to invest in technologies that increase their productivity.  One technology is an order-to-serve-timer.  This timer starts as soon as an order is placed and stops once an order is delivered.  An average time is tracked per day and per month.  The reason why this is important is because goals and standards for order-to-serve times can be set, increasing service effort from employees.  For example, as soon as an order is placed on the register, the chef can begin preparing the customer’s order and is likely to be finished before the order is paid out.  For better communication between each employee, wireless headsets should be used if, for example, an order is changed.  These two B2B (Business to Business) technologies can increase productivity, service, and customer satisfaction.
            Outside of the pastry business, other industries implement new technologies into their environment as well.  UBM Asia, a company that specializes in online trading for jewelry, rereleased their new portal in early 2011.  Manager of e-business, Jerome Hainz said “"We now offer a faster and simpler interface to find wholesale fashion, jewelry and engage with suppliers and manufacturers” (Asia Pulse, 2011).  Another example, Saudi Post recently “launched the first e-shopping portal designed and developed by Link Development” (Saudi Economic Survey, 2010).  Opposed to traditional walk-in shopping center, customers now have the opportunity to purchase their items online.
            If I had my own retail store, I would look into having an online store before a walk-in store.  Marketing my products online would be much more effective than marketing to the local public.  Given that I live in a small community, the target market is small, however compared to an online market, the target market is much larger.  Developing online applications that scrape and place keywords throughout other webpage’s would be a great way for my products to be ranked higher in search engines. 
             In conclusion, regardless of what type of business there is, owners must always consider the use of technology to improve their business.  Investing in B2B or B2C technology to improve the environment is almost a certainly to bring profits and allow opportunity to stay ahead of competition.  The examples given from the pastry company scenario, is just a few of several ways how technology can improve company’s performance.

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