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Sir Shannon Scott Williams
April 13th, 2011
Unit 4: Discussion Board

The process for deciding what to name a company is very important for many reasons.  Reasons that include legal matters, attracting customers, and a name that helps define a company are just a few to name.  Regardless if a company is new, merging, or changing structure for example these are situations which companies must consider choosing the perfect name.

Possibly the most important reason why a company name should be chosen wisely are due to legal matters.  If a company name is similar to a competitor’s name, this becomes a legal matter against trademark laws.  For example, if a small business is named Coca Cola it faces legal matters against the large corporation Coca Cola.

Choosing a company name to attracting customers can also be important.  For instance, if a company’s division is limited to the northeast area of a state, this helps customers search easier.  When it comes to the industrial maintenance industry for example, their customers are usually those within a limited distance.  If a customer finds a company that is across the nation, this would be more of an inconvenience compared to a company that is closer by.  On the other side, some companies are very large, yet limited to the domestic country, so the term intercontinental or national is often used.

A company name should also define the service or product types offer.  A gun store may want to have a name such as Gunners, or a cleaning service may want to have Spiffy Clean.  If a poor name is chosen, if can make the company look bad to its customers.  For example the healthcare company Perrigo had a recall on one of its products Acetominophen, “ironically Perigo in Portuguese translation to English is danger” says Chefguy from

If a new education e-business wants a good name which specializes in tutoring for grades 9-12, I suggest the naming the company Online Educatio, which is built on the Latin language.  The English translation for educatio means education.  Latin language is not used very often in modern day times, however many new words in a variety of different languages are based on the Latin language.  Combining e-Business with Latin language create a unique approach.  In addition, Online Educatio is an available name online and doesn’t face legal matters.

In conclusion, naming a business should be taken into careful consideration.  If not, the company can face legal matters.  It is more effective if a company name defines its products or services.  Although these are just the basics to what a company name faces, the person or persons naming a company should consider researching more in depth before making a final decision.


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